2022 Membership Renewal/Recharter

The dues for 2022 are $175.  Payments can be made through PayPal.  There is no extra fee for paying through PayPal.  If your payment is not received on or before Sunday, December 5th, your Scout will need to rejoin with a new application.  

Financial aid is available to families who cannot afford to pay the registration fees.  Any child who wants to participate in Scouting will not be turned away merely for financial reasons.  Please contact the Pack Committee Chair or Cubmaster if you are interested in a scholarship.  


Dues Pay For…   2022
Scout Dues-BSA   $72
Scout Dues-Palmetto Council   $12
Leader Dues-BSA  Split per Scout $23
Leader Dues-Palmetto Council Split per Scout $6
Cost of being a Scout Books, loops, patches, Req Adventures, etc. $46
Den Budget Non-Req Adventures/Den Fun $13
Pack Administration Misc Supplies, Website, etc. $3
  Total: $175


If your Cub Scout…

  • reached the popcorn sales goal of $1000, their dues are covered by the Pack for 2022. Although no payment is needed, please re-register below.
  • reached the popcorn sales goal of $600, their dues are $87.
  • is currently AOL, their dues are $100.  They will need to pay Troop dues, once they crossover.
  • did not reach the popcorn sales goal of $350, their payment will be $275. ($175 Dues + $100 Fundraiser Buyout)
  • will NOT be renewing their 2022 membership, please still fill out the registration below and select  the last option


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