2021 Membership Renewal/Recharter

The dues for 2021 are $150.  Payments can be made through PayPal.  There is no extra fee for paying through PayPal.  If payment is not received on or before Sunday, December 13th @ 5pm, your Scout will need to rejoin with a new application and will be charged $25 by BSA for new membership fees.  

As you may be aware, BSA has increased their fees for Scouts and Leaders twice in 2020.  Pack 108 was able to keep their dues the same for 2020 but is forced to make an increase for 2021.  Please see below for how Pack 108 spends their Scouts’ dues.  

What is included in Pack 108 dues? 2019 2020 2021
Cost of being a Scout 
(Books, pins, patches, loops, etc.)
$40 $35 $37
Scout dues to BSA & Palmetto Council  $45 $72 $78
Leader dues to BSA & Palmetto Council $15 $15 $20
Gold Rush Campout  $20 $0 $0
Den Electives/Pack Operations $15 $13 $15
Total  $135 $135 $150

If your Cub Scout…

  • reached the popcorn sales goal of $1000, their dues are covered by the Pack for 2021. Although no payment is needed, they still need to re-register below.
  • reached the popcorn sales goal of $500, their dues are $75.
  • siblings reached a combined popcorn sales total of $1000 or $500, 1 of the Scouts’ dues will receive the discounts above. 
  • is currently AOL, their dues are $95.  They will need to pay Troop dues, once they crossover.
  • would like to apply any used credits (see Scoutbook) toward 2021 dues, please fill out the registration below and select the “Apply unused credit to my dues” option.  You will be contacted.  
  • will NOT be renewing their 2021 membership, please still fill out the registration below and select  the last option


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