Fundraising & POPCORN

Popcorn sales is a proven method for units to earn the funds they need for the upcoming Scouting year. One easy way to pay for your entire year of Scouting and have a Summer Camp that you remember for years to come is through Popcorn sales. Simply put, a successful popcorn sale allows our Scouts to do more while costing parents less.

Date Description Remarks
Summer 2016 Units Sign Up to Participate  
Thu, Aug 11 District Training for Unit “Kernels”  
Thu, Sep 8 Show & Sell Deadline Orders due in Trails End system
Sep 15-17 Show & Sell product pick up Our Pack Kernel will pick up
Sep 19 Take Order sale begins  
Oct TBD Unit orders due to Pack Kernel  
Oct 14 Return unsold product Payment for sold-to-date
  – Take Order sales due in system  
Nov 4-5 Take Order product pick up Our Pack Kernel will pick up
Nov 4-Dec 2 Collect money Turn into Pack Kernel


Camp cards is another fundraising method for not only units to earn the funds they need during the year but the Cub Scout also earns a direct share of the sales.  The Cub Scouts share of the card sales goes into their pack Cub Scout fund that they can use to pay for things such as pack events or camps.