Popcorn Sales & Fundraising

All pack members are expected to participate in this critical part of Scouting.  We want to remind parents that fundraising has an important role in Scouting.  Pack 108 has traditionally helped the community year-round, including the annual “Scouting for Food” drive and Pack and Den conservation projects.  Fundraising is the way that the community can support the Pack.  You’ll find that members of this community are very supportive of our efforts.

Registration fees (dues) only cover the basics…Scout & Leader BSA & Council dues, supplies for adventures, loops, pins, books and other awards.  Popcorn Sales and other fundraising funds everything else…

            Holiday Party                         Blue & Gold Celebration        Camping                                           Pinewood Derby

            Bridging Ceremony                Crossover Ceremony              Beach Sweep Campout                  Scout Dues for Top Sellers

            Whittling Chip                         Conservation Projects            Training                                             Scout Assistance

            Scout Sunday                          And so much more!


Trails End Popcorn

The annual Trails End Popcorn fall fundraiser supports the national Scouts BSA, the Palmetto Council and the York District as well as Pack 108.  Popcorn is our biggest fundraiser and the one we rely on the most.  Our pack typically sells more than $30,000 of popcorn each year, this drastically changed in 2020.   In order to support the Scouts and popcorn sales, the Pack organizes several “Show & Sells” at local businesses as opportunities to sell popcorn.


Scout Cards

Scouts have an opportunity to earn money for their “Scout Account.”  Pack 108 participates in Scout Card sales with York District.  Scouts sell these coupon cards for $10 to people in the community.  The Scout earns $5 for each one sold.  This money can then be used towards Pack activities such as campouts or overnights. 


Spirit Nights

Our Fundraising Team arranges several Spirit Nights a year.  These are a great way to get together as Pack families and raise a little money while having fun.