Join Pack 108

To Join Pack 108:

  • Email to express interest in joining
  • Turn in a Youth Application for your child
  • Turn in registration fee, payable to Pack 108. Pack dues are $135 for Jan-Dec.  Scouts joining after July will owe $40 plus $15 to BSA.
  • Take Youth Protection Training and turn in your training certificate. This online training only takes 45 minutes and ensures the safety of our scouts and all family members. Simply create an account at and follow the prompts for Youth Protection.
  • Turn in the annual Health and Medical forms (parts A & B)
    • One is needed for your Scout
    • One is needed for any person (adults & siblings) who attend outdoor activities
  • Turn in a Family Talent Survey. This form helps both you and the pack leadership get a feeling for how you want to participate in the pack.
  • Get a uniform (hat, shirt, neckerchief, slide, and belt) and Scout Handbook for your scout.  These can be purchased: