Popcorn Buyout 2020

Pack 108 is starting something new this year so all scouts can contribute to our annual fundraiser…the Popcorn Buyout!  

There are a number of reasons for Scouts and Scout families to not sell popcorn.  However it is unfair to have the Scouts and their families who do sell popcorn carry all the weight of funding our pack events.  Dues only cover the basics…Scout & Leader BSA & Council dues, supplies for adventures, loops, pins, books and other awards.  Popcorn sales fund everything else! That is why ALL Pack 108 Scouts are required to participate in this annual fundraiser!  For more information about the Popcorn fundraiser…CLICK HERE.

If your Scout sold…

  • $0 – $299 , The payment to Pack 108 is $100 (AOL-$30)
  • $300 – $499 , The payment to Pack 108 is $50  (AOL-$0)
  • Over $500, No additional payment to the pack should be made

Monday, October 19th…

  • All sales must be entered into Trails End accounts
  • Turn in all unsold popcorn, order forms and cash/checks to Dana’s house at 6:30pm  

To pay your Buyout amount you may…

  • Bring your payment (cash, check or credit card) when you turn in unsold popcorn on Oct 19th
  • Use the form below to pay through Paypal
  • Use 2019 Popcorn Sales Credit or Discount Card Sales Credit (contact Kelly Prinze, kelly.prinze@gmail.com)


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