2020 Spring Campout – Cancelled

A message from Matt Parks, 2019-2020 Cuboree Camp Director-

In light of what is happening with everyone practicing social distancing, the district has made the decision to cancel the Cuboree this year. This is for the health and safety of everyone to ensure that with the COVID19 going around that we help to stop the potential spread. We are planning on running the Cuboree for 2021. I know many of you are not able to commit that early but the dates for the 2021 Cuboree will be April 23-25th. We will be running the same theme as what was planned for 2020. We will have the pack coordinators on staff for that event as well. If you want to join us please let us know. We will send out more information as time gets closer. Thank you all for agreeing to give your time to help us make the event a success. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or Angela.

2020 Spring Campout at Belk Scout Camp – Cancelled

Friday, April 24 @ 5:00pm – Sunday, April 26th 10:00am

Belk Scout Camp, 9408 Belt Road, Midland, NC

Cub Scouts will have the chance to experience all the fun of Steampunk while learning about the nuts and bolts of how things work. Stations will include BB, Archery, Slingshots, Climbing Tower, Robot Building, Steampunk costume and the Victorian Internet along with other fun activities.

Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner will be prepared and served in the dining hall. Friday night dinner and Sunday breakfast is up to each family.

For more details regarding this event click this link:  Hornets Nest District – Cuboree

To sign up complete all the tasks below on for before Friday, April 10, 2020. 

  1. Sign up below (Include all Pack 108 attendees: Scouts, Leaders, Parents, Siblings, etc)
  2. Submit Payment
    • $27 Scouts/Siblings, $20 Leaders/Adults   
    • If you would like to use a trip credit (for selling $1000+ in popcorn) or Adventure Card credit, please complete the sign-up below for all attendees, then stop before you make the PayPal payment and email Kelly Prinze (kelly.prinze@gmail.com).  She will send you an PayPal payment request for the adjusted amount.    
  3. Turn in medical forms and insurance card copies.  Leave them in the tray labeled “Health Forms” in the Cub Scout storage room at Unity Church.
    • Each Pack must submit a registration form listing all scouts (by rank), siblings and adults who will be attending, payment and BSA Medical Form parts A&B and insurance card copies for ALL campers.  Our pack’s registration is not complete until all medical forms and insurance card copies are turned in.  New printed medical forms are needed because we must give them to the Belk Scout Camp officials before the event.  We do not have the ability to make copies of forms turned in to the pack, please print out and turn in NEW forms!  Do NOT email them.  Be sure to include the date of each participant’s tetanus shot.
    • Get a blank form here: BSA Medical Form