Calhoun Falls-Diamond Hill Mine Excursion

On March 10-12 Pack 108 will be doing a 2-night campout at Calhoun Falls State Park. This Campout will be in traditional drive-up style sites equipped with electricity and water at the site. Bathrooms and Showers are located within a short walk. All sites are located on the banks of Lake Russell with water views. Calhoun Falls State Park is host to a variety of activities such as hiking, fishing, swimming (weather may not permit but there is a designated guarded swimming area) and basketball courts. Each site is restricted to 2 families per site, so RSVP is needed to ensure all families have a site. You can arrive Friday evening or Saturday morning.

Saturday Morning Pack members that wish to participate will head over to Diamond Hill Mine (Approx. 14 miles from campsite) via vehicles. We will arrive at the mine (more of an open dirt pit then traditional mine) when it opens at 9am. From there the Boys and their Parents will have all day (come and leave when you want) to dig through the areas of area to look for real non-salted (Salted means the owners bury gems for people to find- not naturally occurring) crystals. Whatever is found can be taken home, but there is no guarantee everyone will find one.  Bring a Change of Clothes as we are all guaranteed to get dirty. Adults are $20 and Kids are $5. Pack 108 will have a pop-up tent with coolers and water set up to keep everyone hydrated but we recommend bringing your own water and snacks! This should an awesome time and a great way to burn some of that energy!  If for some reason weather doesn’t allow for this event to happen on Saturday, the mine is open on Sunday. Families can pack up the site and head to the mine on their way home. 

After the Mine excursion Pack 108 will return back to CF State Park for dinner and cleaning of the all the found Gems. Evening activities will be Family/ Den/Pack dependent. Pack up and leave the site will be Sunday early AM. Camping cost are covered by the pack so the only cost to families is if they wish to part take in the Mine Excursion. Payments are made at Diamond Hill Mine when we arrive.  If not, there are a host of actives to partake in back at the campground that are included with tent site reservations. 

Directions to the Campground

Directions to Diamond Hill Mine

Calhoun Falls Campground Map

Calhoun Falls Brochure

Calhoun Falls Pack Map

This event was completed and was a great experience!! Pack 108 plans to return again in 2024!!! See some highlight Photos Below!

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