Gold Rush

Below is some information to allow you to maximize your enjoyment of this event whether you’re camping 1 night, 2 nights or just visiting during the day. This is not a PACK 108 run event- it is run by Palmetto Council and therefore times/ rules are set by the council. Attached are the full rules for this campout set by Council but below is a highlight of the key items. Please do not bring any unwanted Popcorn to turn in at this event- Not the place for popcorn tun in.

At the Site: 
4000 India Hook Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29732 
Regardless of when you arrive or who you are- every car will be stopped and directed. Please identify yourself as Pack 108. Families that may come in without a scout, please don’t say “I’m here to see Johnny Smith where is he camping?” Please use “My Son/Grandson is in Pack 108 where is their campsite” There will be 30+ packs there so to get directions to our campsite you need to identify by Pack number and not Scout Name. Once you get to Pack 108 campsite then ask a leader where Johnny Smith is camping.


4:00 PM -7:00 PM Check-in 4:00 PM Setup, family meals dinner
8:30 PM 9:15 PM Leader Cracker Barrel
10:00 PM Quiet Time

7:00 AM Reveille
9:00 AM Flag Ceremony Near Pavilion
9:00 AM 10:30 AM Game Setup Vehicle access to the GR field will end PROMPTLY at 10:30 AM.
11:00 AM 1:00 PM Lunch @ Campsites
1:00 PM 3:00 PM GOLD RUSH Official Cub Scout / Leader uniform or appropriate themed dress
3:00 PM 7:00 PM Free Time / Pack Dinner approx. 5:00pm
7:15 PM 8:30 PM CAMPFIRE PROGRAM Official Cub Scout / Leader uniform please.
10:00 PM Quiet Time (Scouts in bed. Parents can stay up)

7:00 AM Reveille
7:00 AM 9:00 AM Breakfast/ Site Cleanup
10:00 AM 11:00 AM Scout Service Official Cub Scout / Leader uniform is preferred

Yellow Pack Shirts for the events on Saturday. If you don’t have one yet- any yellow shirt is fine.
Leader’s -wear uniform when needed.
All other times- casual/dress for the weather.


The only included food is the Pack Dinner on Saturday night. Individual families are responsible for their own meals/snacks (lickies and chewies) for their duration of participation. There is no centralized water on this site (its more of a big field than a camping site) so each family needs to bring water for their needs. Many families will have their camping stoves out there if a new family needs to use one as they begin to get their camping equipment.

We will have the Pack Trailer out there and set up some tables/ canopy tents for eating. Bring Camping Chairs for sitting in.

Pack Dinner- The dinner is sponsored by the Pack for everyone to enjoy but the many hands make light work! The success of the dinner is based on family involvement- if you have not signed up for a part of the dinner please click this link:


Individual Family Items to Bring
1x Bag of Candy per family
3x Stones Painted Gold for participation into the Games(Per Scout)


Weather/ Camping Notes:

The Weather this weekend will be a little bit of everything. High of 78 with a Low of 49. Rain is expected on Friday into Saturday with the low front making its way to the area.

Campsite is a grass field, in the morning grass will be wet and cold (if it rains expect it to be a little soggy).

Suggest putting clothing into 2 gallon Ziploc before packing them in backpacks so in the event tents leak or bags get wet between unloading the car and getting them in a tent- clothing stays dry. Just roll the air out of them before sealing so it creates more of a vacuum seal and won’t “pop” open.

Bring Warm Clothes- and many changes. While 40 degrees is not super cold, we are out in the elements in nylon tents- the 30 degree difference between day high and night low will make it feel colder than it is.  Bring a snow hat for your scouts to sleep in- the sleeping bag keeps their body warm but the head will lose a lot of heat if not covered. It’s a lot easier to remove a layer than wish you had one more to put on.

No liquid fuels heaters in tents

Pack Accordingly. No one wants to be cold and wet so bring extra change of clothing to keep the scouts dry if they get wet.

Crocs are great camping shoes in wet conditions as they don’t soak up water- but they shouldn’t be the only shoes. Please bring a change of shoes in case.

Pack 108 will have a group Campfire on site. Families are encouraged to bring some firewood but not required. No individual fires are allowed. First Leader(s) awake will set a fire going in the am as it will be cold until the sun gets up and going.

No Knife use unless the Scout has earned a whittling chip and is supervised by an adult or leader in a safe area.

There is no Power on site. Make sure everything is battery powered!

No Drugs (recreational or medical reason) or Alcohol on site.

Smoking in smoking areas away from the scout’s view.

Bathrooms are Pot-O-Potties on site.

10pm is lights out for the Scouts but it’s not required to have them stay up till 10pm. You know your scout and if 8pm is bedtime- then have them bed down at 8pm. My son is usually one of the first ones in bed and first ones up in the morning.

If you haven’t turned in Medical Forms A & B those are needed before the weekend.


Final Reminder– Scouting is a Family event and the Family is responsible for monitoring their Scouts Behavior. Leaders are responsible for the Pack’s success at the event- Families are responsible for the Scouts success at the event. We will have 60 people from the pack attending in some capacity this weekend and understand kids will be kids with that amount of stimulus. Please help monitor and correct actions as needed to ensure no one gets hurt and everyone enjoys themselves!

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