Christmas Party

Thursday December 21st at Unity Church, Pack 108 will be hosting the annual Christmas Party. The Party will go from 6:30pm- 8:00pm. We hope everyone can attend and enjoy the end of 2023 Scouting Year. This year’s party will have many different fun activities, such as a build your own ornament station, design build and eat Snowman Cupcakes, and a Holiday Gift Exchange for the Boys. Hot Cocoa will be available in the movie viewing area where the Scouts can sit back and watch the Holiday Classic: Home Alone

Each Scout that wants to participate in the Holiday Gift Exchange needs to bring a wrapped gift to the Party. The gift cannot exceed $5.00.  The Boys will sit in a circle with their gifts and listen to a story being ready by one of the Pack Parents. Every time they hear the word “Reindeer” they will pass their gift to the person on the right. This will continue until the story is completed. Once completed the gift in front of the scout is theirs to open and take home. 

This event is open to all Pack 108 Scouts and family members. Come and enjoy some festive holiday fun as Pack 108 closes out the 2023 calendar year!

Parents- if you are rechartering with 108 and are up to date on dues, your scout will receive his Pinewood Derby Car at this meeting to allow plenty of time for you to get it ready for the Feb 2024 Pinewood Derby

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